Quietdrive Tote Bag

A tote bag goes with your best dress. Or quietdrive shirt.

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Best of Quietdrive Podcast

The very best of the quietdrive podcasts. Featuring Droo, Kirby, Justin, and Brandon

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When All That's Left Is You

A hard copy CD of quietdrive's debut record. "When All That's Left Is You", is a must have for any true quietdrive fan.

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Up or Down

A physical copy of quietdrive's record "Up or Down". Released in 2012, this record features the tracks, "This is Love", and "Avalanche".

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QD QD QD T-Shirt

Quietdrive quietdrive quietdrive quietdrive quietdrive quiet drive shirt. It's something you should get into.

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Your Record, Our Spin

A hard copy of quietdrive's all cover record, "Your Record, Our Spin". Released in 2012 by quietdrive, and contains all fan-chosen cover songs.

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Quietdrive Bowling Poster

Own your very own quietdrive poster.

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Complete Discography

All 6 records from quietdrive in hard copy form. Protect your legacy of quietdrive records and complete the set.

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Close Your Eyes

This 7 song hard-copy EP is considered by some to contain some of the best tracks since quietdrive's debut. Click to order this beautiful record and decide for yourself.

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Unicorn T-Shirt

Everyone believes in unicorns right? Get this shirt and show your support.

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Kaboom T-Shirt

Yellow quietdrive t-shirt. This shirt is a Minneapolis throwback. Friends of quietdrive know exactly how explosive this shirt can be.

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A hard copy of quietdrive's self-titled compact disc. This cover has a matte finish. Includes the songs "Body Out of Bed" and "Until the End".

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Quietdrive's second full length record. CD Jewel Case. Produced and Engineered by quietdrive.

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Critter T-Shirt

Quietdrive critter shirt. Straight from Japan this design is your favorite, you just don't know it yet. Just look at him. The critter, not Sandberg.

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V-neck T-Shirt

The only vneck that quietdrive offers. Kevin sometimes wears this t-shirt when he goes out on the town.

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Blue Girl T-Shirt

Blue girl shirt, with a 60's style motif. The only shirt that quietdrive has that can make you feel like you just walked into a ocean.

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Black Hoodie

Black quietdrive zip-up hoodie. Made with great materials - and love.

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